Get sample rate in a Matlab function block in Simulink

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Glenn Kubota
Glenn Kubota 2021년 12월 23일
답변: Salman Ahmed 2021년 12월 31일
If i use MATLAB function block in a Simulink project, is there a way of determining the sample rate in the code in that block? If I use a MATLAB System block, I can use getSampleTime(obj).SampleTime to give me the time for a frame and then use the frame size to give me the time for a sample, but that won't work for a MATLAB function block. I'd like to use the MATLAB function block if possible because the coding is simple. Is there a way to get the sample rate or am I stuck using a MATLAB system block?
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Paul 2021년 12월 24일
Like any other, or at least most?, blocks in Simulink the Matlab Function block has a sample time. It's either Inherited, or Discrete, or Continuous. See this doc page for how to select it. But I'm not sure that's what you're really asking about. Can you clarify what you're actually trying to do with the Matlab Function block?
Glenn Kubota
Glenn Kubota 2021년 12월 28일
Yes, the sample time is inherited from the audio signal in this case. I'm just trying to determine what that sample time is from my MATLAB function code. It seems there may not be a way of doing this. The suggestion from jibrahim may be the only way that I can do this.

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jibrahim 2021년 12월 28일
Hi Glenn,
I've accomplished this in the past using a probe block:
That block can output a vector representing the sample time. You should be able to feed this value to your MATLAB function block (as an input) and use the value.
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Glenn Kubota
Glenn Kubota 2021년 12월 28일
I would prefer not to have another block for the sake of simplicity, but if there's no way of determining the sample time internal to a function block, it sounds like I either need to feed the sample time as an input or use a MATLAB System block.
It would be nice to be able to code the equivalent of a Probe block inside the MATLAB Function block. Can you add that feature for the next version of Simulink? :)
jibrahim 2021년 12월 28일
You might be able to accomplish this by calling simulink.block.getSampleTimes inside the MATLAB function block:
However, that function does not generate code, so you will have to use it in conjunction with coder.extrinsic and coder.const. I think using a probe block is much more straightforward.

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Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed 2021년 12월 31일
Hi Glenn,
You could also use the following workaround to access the sample rate inside the MATLAB function block:
Here s1 is the Simulink model name, MAT is the name of the MATLAB function block.


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