Breakpoints stopped working since I upgraded to R2021b

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himura 2021년 12월 22일
댓글: himura 2021년 12월 31일
I upgraded from R2019a and many new features are present in R2021b. I am pretty sure it is some new feature I am not aware of.
My problem is setting a breakpoint in a method in a class .m file.
The breakpoint is in the constructor being code from the command window. I am not doing anything different from what I used to do in R2019 but it is just ignoring all of my breakpoints. I think I just am not running in debug mode or something
I am pretty use I am calling the correct file. The file is also being saved before execution. Lemme know if more information is needed


Markus Schmidt
Markus Schmidt 2021년 12월 27일
편집: Image Analyst 2021년 12월 31일
Dear Hazem,
I had the same problem. But the breakpoints are still available. You can activate a breakpoint by clicking directly on the line number in the left margin. If you click to the right of line number, you will run from the current location to this line and then stop.
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himura 2021년 12월 31일
i did not claim that they are not available. They just don't work and it goes right past them.

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Srivardhan Gadila
Srivardhan Gadila 2021년 12월 31일
There are some changes in interface and setting breakpoints from R2021b onwards. To understand the differences, you can refer to the following documentation pages:
W.r.t the latest release: Set Breakpoints & Debug MATLAB Code Files.
You can also refer to Use of Editor and Debugger with Classes for any additional information.
If you are not able to resolve the issue, you can contact support.
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himura 2021년 12월 31일
Perhaps I was not entirely clear. Clicking the "run" button is NOT the use-case for me. I need to call a custom class constructor method and see what's happening in there. Breakpoints used to work, now they do not. The code MUST run from the command window and NOT through the "RUN" button

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