Compute average size of 2 regions in a matrix

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Johanna Popp
Johanna Popp 2021년 12월 22일
댓글: Image Analyst 2022년 1월 2일
Hi all,
I would like to normalze a structural connectivity matrix (360 x 360) containing the number of streamlines between any two regions by the (average/sum) size of the respective two regions.
I do have information about the size of each brain regions (360) but what I would like to do is average the size of two regions and save that number in a Matrix (360 x 360) so that each node contains information about the average size of the two regions.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks!!
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Pranjal Kaura
Pranjal Kaura 2021년 12월 28일
Hey Johanna,
Could you please share a snippet of the data file? Further providing an example on that data would also be helpful.
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Johanna Popp
Johanna Popp 2022년 1월 2일
Hi Pranjal,
please refer to my response on the comment above for an example! Thank you for your help!

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