How to load a struct to an uitree in AppDesigner?

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Mark Golberg
Mark Golberg 2021년 12월 15일
답변: prabhat kumar sharma 2024년 1월 17일
I have an uitree in my AppDesigner GUI.
Is there a fast & convenient way to load a struct into my Tree.
My struct can vary in it's layers ("depth"). It can be:
S.L1.L2 or S.L1.L2.L3. etc...
I've found the following function on FileExchange:
struct2tree (
But after I ran the code:
[m_tree , m_container] = struct2tree(my_struct);
I don't know how to "convert" (or maybe "display" is the more appropriate term) the data stored in m_tree and/or m_container to my uitree in the GUI itself.
I really hope struct2tree could help me. Since I don't know in advance the "depth" of my struct, I don't want start writing any recursive functions "extracting" all the layers from my struct and "building" uitree.

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prabhat kumar sharma
prabhat kumar sharma 2024년 1월 17일
Hi Mark,
I have downloaded the struct2tree from the file exchange link you provided and tried creating the UITree.
Here are the steps I followed.
  1. Download the struct2Tree from file exchange.
  2. Extract the Zip to the same folder.
  3. Created a new mlapp in the extracted folder (struct2tree).
  4. Added a button to the 'Design View'
function ButtonPushed(app, event)
S = struct('Field1', 'Value1', 'Field2', struct('SubField1', 'SubValue1'));
h = gcf;
5. Added a callback function to the button.
6. The UITree created and looks like below screenshot.
I hope it helps!


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