how to change name of simulink blocks through matlab code

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Vibhu Mehta
Vibhu Mehta . 2021년 12월 13일
exl = actxserver('excel.application');
exlWkbk = exl.workbooks.Add;
new1= readtable('names.xlsx');
list_of_block_in_subsystem = find_system('Auto_Script','type', 'block');
for i = 1:length(list_of_block_in_subsystem)
old_name = get_param(list_of_block_in_subsystem{i},'Name');
new_name = new1.aa{i};
set_param(list_of_block_in_subsystem{i}, 'Name', new_name);
%code is not running completely only half of the names changes and also code is executing only ones.

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