How to add footer in WORD document using mlreportgen.Report?

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SRUSHTI KHATAU 2021년 12월 7일
댓글: SRUSHTI KHATAU 2022년 1월 30일
Hi, I want to add footer in word document usnig mlreportge.Report. I have created custom chapter folder using this reference. But, which file and what to edit for footer and header.

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Kumar Pallav
Kumar Pallav 2022년 1월 30일
Please refer to this documentation on how to add a footer to the first page of a Word document layout or to odd pages, even pages, or both.
Hope this helps!
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SRUSHTI KHATAU 2022년 1월 30일
Hi Kumar,
Thank you for answering. I wanted to add Header and footer using Report API ( and not Document API (mlreportgen.dom).
I request you to please help me with this. How to add footer in report using report API?
Thank you.

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