cannot programme in MATLAB Support Package for Arduino Hardware

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After sucessesfull installation of support package for arduino hardware , i am facing problem for hardware setup . i have choosen usb cable type connection , i have selected correct board "uno" and port "COM7" as shown in device manager .then after clicking on programme it is showing "First input can not be empty. Expected a non-empty character vector or a valid file-id."
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Lachlan Downie
Lachlan Downie 2022년 9월 19일
편집: Lachlan Downie 2022년 9월 19일
Im having the same issue with with my basic simulink model. I've already setup my arduino, i'm trying to run a model alternate pins between 1 and 0 to control a dc motor, but I get this error when trying to deploy.

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MathWorks MATLAB Hardware Team
MathWorks MATLAB Hardware Team 2021년 12월 14일
Moved: Cris LaPierre 2023년 3월 29일
Hi Rushabh,
Kindly reach out to MathWorks Technical Support to get help in resolving the issue

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