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armin m
armin m 2021년 11월 27일
댓글: armin m 2021년 11월 28일
Hi. I have a code which it,s output includes 4 large matrices. I wanna use these matrixes from the code without copy paste it 8n new codes. How can i do that?TNx
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dpb 2021년 11월 28일
Have the needed variables in the argument list in the new routines.
Build a control script function that calls the desired routines in whatever order needed...

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Yusuf Suer Erdem
Yusuf Suer Erdem 2021년 11월 28일
편집: Yusuf Suer Erdem 2021년 11월 28일
Hi Armin, check the codes below please;
clc; clear; close all;
x1 = randi([1, 25], [20,20])
y1 = randi([1, 25], [20,20])
z1 = randi([1, 25], [20,20])
t1 = randi([1, 25], [20,20])
% we are creating .mat file and saving it to current directory.
save largematrices.mat x1 y1 z1 t1
% with this code we are calling largematrices.mat file back to our workspace
% but note that you should call it from correct directory

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