How to use context menu for app designer

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Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson . 2021년 11월 25일
편집: Lee . 2022년 8월 3일
I'm fiding it really difficult figuring out how the conetext menu works in app designer.
I have 4 listboxes that i have linked to a context menu.
I when i use the conext menu that has a "delete" item that I've created. I want the callback to know which listbox has icicated the contextmenu callback.
Tried to read the documentation but didn't seem to be able to get it working

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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng 2021년 11월 25일
Each listbox has its own contextmenu, right? You should be able to tell which listbox is calling, right?
Attach a screenshot if this is not the case.
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Lee 2022년 8월 2일
편집: Lee 님. 2022년 8월 3일
I agree with you, Paul. This is idiotic, and a massive limitation of AppDesigner compared to GUIDE. Similarly, the ONLY callback available for Listboxes is ValueChanged, making it impossible to change any properties of the app after clicking inside a listbox for example (which would solve your problem). Instead we are forced to duplicate context menus, callbacks, and buttons because now they have to be dedicated to each and every listbox - thanks Mathworks!

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