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Mathlab R2013a Student bug

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Fidele Lanchery Damba-Ngolo
마감: John Kelly 22 Oct 2014
Hi Guys I'm using Mathlab_R2013a_student on Mac, with the last update OS X Yosemite Mathlab doesn't open any more. Do you have any ideas how to fixe that, right now I can not finish my project.

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Andrew Reibold
Andrew Reibold 20 Oct 2014
편집: Andrew Reibold 20 Oct 2014
Technical support from MathWorks is available for activation, installation, and bug-related issues
This forum historically cannot help with this kind of problem.

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Marco 21 Oct 2014
You have to install Java 6 manually from and apply a Patch provided by MathWorks:

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