bno055 System "uncalibrated"

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Junpeom Kim
Junpeom Kim 2021년 11월 20일
댓글: Israel Ngoy 2023년 1월 10일
I was working with my adafruit bno055, and tried to interface it with matlab. I was able to interface both my Uno and my bno055 sensor. I followed the matlab's documentation page to calibrate the bno055 senor. and used the readCalibration status command to see how it went. I got this message on my terminal. I got the following message...
I also followed the offical matlab's tutorial on how to connect the bno055 with matlab in their website. The question is how do I get the system status to be calibrated ?. I also was able to get the sensor system to be fully calibrated using Arduino's IDE. So I know that I didn't recive a fauly bno055 senor.
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Israel Ngoy
Israel Ngoy 2023년 1월 10일
Did you solve the issue? if yes, can you please share with me

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Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon 2022년 3월 13일
Have you tried the calibration steps as mentioned in the below doc

Germano Gallicchio
Germano Gallicchio 2022년 3월 16일
편집: Germano Gallicchio 2022년 3월 16일
Have you found a solution? If not, try using the 'Adafruit/BNO055' library instead of the 'I2C'. Initially, I was getting the same error as you. Now I can calibrate the System to 'full'.
arduinoObj = arduino('COM7', 'Micro', 'Libraries', 'Adafruit/BNO055');
I am using MATLAB version 2020b. The 2021b version of the Arduino package does not include the 'Adafruit/BNO055' library.


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