Fmincon works for MATLAB version 2020a but not for version 2021b

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I have a convex function (i.e., energy) that I would like to minimize on a single variable named x. My code looks like this:
x = optimvar('x', 'LowerBound', 0); %Definition of the variable with constraints
prob = optimproblem; %Definition of the problem
prob.Objective = energyfun; %Set the objective to minimize energy
x0.x = 10; % Initial point of the optimization variable
sol = solve(prob, x0);
I am getting the following error: Gradient at initial point contains Inf, NaN, or a complex values. Fmincon cannot continue.
But the most interesting part is that I have tried my code on different computers with MATLAB versions 2021b and 2020a. Basically, it works on the 2020a version but not on 2021b.
I have checked the optimoptions of the fmincon solver in both versions and they are exactly the same. Am I missing something or did something changed between these two versions?
Thank you all in advance!
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Huseyin Eken
Huseyin Eken 2021년 11월 17일
Thanks for the input, i will try also with fminbnd as you suggested. Actually, I can solve the problem with other solvers like the genetic algorithm. What I found strange was that fmincon works for a version of MATLAB and not for the other.
As a side note, I would like to add more parameters to the optimization problem later on. This is just the starting point that I found in literature.

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Kumar Pallav
Kumar Pallav 2021년 11월 28일
Please refer to a similar issue here.
You could set breakpoints for debugging at the command line:
dbstop if naninf
and run your program. If it stops in the debugger then you encountered a nan or inf and you will be able to explore the values in the debugger to see what is happening.




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