Solution of symbolic fourth order polynomial equation

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Susmita Panda
Susmita Panda 2021년 11월 13일
편집: VBBV 2021년 11월 13일
I am finding difficulty in finding roots of a fourth order polynomial equation which as as follows:
where A, B, and C are constants. I used function roots() function in matlab, but it doesnt worked.

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VBBV 2021년 11월 13일
편집: VBBV 2021년 11월 13일
A = 2;
B = 1.4;
C = 3
C = 3
syms L
eqn = L^4 + A*L^2 - B*L + C == 0
eqn = 
sol = double(vpasolve(eqn,2))
sol =
-0.6390 + 1.3986i -0.6390 - 1.3986i 0.6390 + 0.9277i 0.6390 - 0.9277i
Try using vpasolve

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