how can i fit curve for transfer function

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ravi teja
ravi teja 2021년 11월 11일
답변: Sulaymon Eshkabilov 2021년 11월 11일
this is part for my project and it would be helpful if someone can help me in this
U = [(G*L*R_w - C_p^2*G*G_cp^2*s - C_p^2*G_cp^2*L*s^2 + C_p^2*G*G_cp^2*L*s^2 + C_p*G*G_cp*L*s + 2*C_p*G*G_cp*L*R_w*s - C*C_p^2*G*G_cp^2*L*s^3 + C_p^2*G*G_cp^2*L*R_w*s^2)/(G*L*(C_p*G_cp*s + 1)^2)]*I
This is in laplace domain and
G,L,C,R_w,C_p,G_cp are parameters
i need this in code
thanks in advance


Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov 2021년 11월 11일
Laplace transform (LT) formulation is already an anaytical form solution and if you would like to get a new fit (rational polynomial with the same orders for a numerator and denominator), that would be based the same formulation (rational polynomial) with the coefficients (known parameters): G,L,C,R_w,C_p,G_cp
You can practice this exercise using >> cftool() - curve fitting toolbox after oftaining some data from your LT formulation for some range of s = ... values.
Good luck



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