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Plotyy and giving each line its own color

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matlabuser12 9 Oct 2014
댓글: matlabuser12 9 Oct 2014
Is this possible? I have two curves plotting on the secondary axis and two on the primary. I can get each axis to graph in separate colors but I also want to have differentiation within a plotting axis.

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Iain 9 Oct 2014
It is possible. It might not be that good of an idea if it makes it hard to identify which line goes with which axis (using subplot & linkaxes is probably a better idea).
What you need to do, is get the line object for the curve you want to do something to, and tell it to set it's properties....
[axishandles curve1handle curve2handle] = plotyy(....);
get(curve1handle) % This will give you a list of properties you can change...
set(curve1handle,'property','new setting')

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matlabuser12 9 Oct 2014
well i am hoping to have two labels on each axis since the label color seems to correspond with the line color.
matlabuser12 9 Oct 2014
so you have designated a primary and secondary axis with curve1handle and curve2handle respectively. but this will affect all curves tied to that axis. my current code looks similar:
[graph, p1,p2] = plotyy(..)
and I can only adjust colors for ALL p1 curves or ALL p2 curves, not individual curves plotting on p1.

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