Facing an error while using 'anovan' function

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TYA 2021년 11월 2일
답변: Jeff Miller 2021년 11월 2일
I am facing a problem using 'anovan' function. I used the code that is very similar to the example in the help section of Mathworks and it shows the error 'NAN' when calculating p-values. I'm not sure where is the source of this error although it's similar to the example. I am attaching the Excel sheet that contains the code and Matlab result.
I appreciate your clarification on this issue.
Best Regards,

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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller 2021년 11월 2일
anovan needs the original data (y1 and y2) to compute an error term, but you are only giving it the averages (ybar). This is why you have 0 df for error and Inf F + nan Probs.
To fix the problem, make a y12 array with y1 followed by y2, and then correspondingly make your A, B, and C vectors twice as long. Then give anovan y12 instead of ybar.

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