How to combine for-each subsystems with mask parameters in Simulink

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I would like to simulate an array of identical masked subsystems that are each parameterized by a structure: i.e.
clear all_params
for i = 1:5
this_param.gain = i;
this_param.bias = -i;
all_params(i) = this_param;
Then the subsystems are parameterized with:
Is there a way to do this in a "for-each" subsystem? e.g.:
It looks like you can partition parameters, but it doesn't look like that works with structure arrays or anything not a matrix. I attached the simple model if it helps.
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James 2021년 11월 2일
I figured out my problem! I was close, but when you "grow" a structure array in a loop (e.g. all_params(i) = this_param;) it populates it in the column direction. So, the example system works by either:
Specifying the "partition dimension" in the "for each" block to "2"
Specifiying the structure array to be a row vector (e.g. all_params(i,1) = this_param;)

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