How can I obtain MCR for Matlab R2011a ?

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Marta 2014년 10월 1일
댓글: Martin 2016년 10월 20일
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Friedrich 2014년 10월 1일
install MATLAB + MATLAB Compiler to get the MCR installer or contact the author of the component you got because he has access to the MCR installer. You cannot download it from the web (only 12a and newer can be downloaded).
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Martin 2016년 10월 20일
I`d like to extend this question.
I have everything installed on my PC and generated a .dll I shall deliver.
On my PC this .dll works fine, as awaited on the other PC it is not working as there is no Matlab + Matlab Coder and also no 2011b MCR available.
In the mentioned directories above I can`t find any mcr installer (I dont even have this "compiler" folder, I have only several "coder" folders)
So how can I generate an MCR package I can hand over with my program? To install Matlab 2011b+Coder on the other PC is no option.
Thanks a lot!

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