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How to locate an error in a timer callback?

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Yanxin Liu
Yanxin Liu 2021년 10월 21일
답변: Jon 2021년 10월 21일
Normally when we have an error in script we see something like: "Error xxx (line x)".
But when there is an error in timer callback it shows:
Error while evaluating TimerFcn for timer 'timer-1'
Error xxx
From which I couldn't know which line went wrong.
Anyone know how I can locate the error?

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Jon 2021년 10월 21일
I also have had a lot trouble with this. One thing that can help is to wrap the code where the problem occurs within a try catch and explicitly rethrow the error message. You can also put a debug breakpoint inside of the timer function and then step through to see where it goes wrong.

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