Problem running my first program

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Florian Spicher
Florian Spicher 2021년 10월 17일
답변: Walter Roberson 2021년 10월 17일
I'm trying to use the function fsolve to find the solution of my system of equations.
First, I defined my function NL_Syst_HW4 (see below), which is my system. My problem is when I run fsolve(NL_Syst_HW4, [0,0,0]) it tells me I don't have enough imput argument. Still, my function seems to work since it returns me value when I implement it with (say) [0,0,0].
Thanks for the help!
function [F]=NL_Syst_HW4(x)

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021년 10월 17일
fsolve(@NL_Syst_HW4, [0,0,0])
Remember that matlab processes arguments before making the calls. The argument NL_Syst_HW4 has to be processed, and at that point, matlab has no idea that a function handle is expected there. MATLAB does not look and see "oh, fsolve expects a function handle so treat NL_SYST_HW4 as a function handle": matlab processes NL_Syst_HW4 first and passes the result to fsolve.
But what is the result of processing NL_SYST_HW4? Well, that is not a variable so matlab checks to see if it is a function. Having found it to be a function, matlab calls the function with all the provided parameters.. which is no parameters at all. And then the function complained because you did not pass enough parameters.

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