Grouping data into bins and then plotting them

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Salma fathi
Salma fathi 2021년 10월 17일
댓글: Salma fathi 2021년 10월 17일
Hello, I am trying to read some tables into matlab, the tables contain the variable 'hour' to represent the time when the data accurued. after reading the tables we would like to bin the data in the table according to the 'hour' variable and then plot the data to see how they are changing.
for example: we would like to see how the data is changing every three hours in the day, so from all the data set we have we would like to group the data of the first three hours and then plot them and see and so on for the rest of 24hrs. How can we possibly implement that?

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KSSV 2021년 10월 17일
You can calculate the every three hours mean using the fuction retime. Read about it. To see the variation of every hours, striaght aways you can use plot.
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Salma fathi
Salma fathi 2021년 10월 17일
Thank you for the help, you gave me a much more effecient way to deal with my data. really apperciate it.

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