Index timetable variables and remove rows based on criteria.

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Eric Escoto
Eric Escoto 2021년 10월 12일
댓글: Eric Escoto 2021년 10월 12일
I'm trying to remove rows of a timetable based on if any cell is greater than or equal to 8.
My line is below, can't see what the issue is with my indexing.
TT(TT{:,2:2001} >= 8, :) = [] % Remove rows with values greater than or equal to 8.0.
I only want to include columns 2:2001, but apply the indexing to all times (rows) in my data.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021년 10월 12일
TT(any(TT{:,2:2001} >= 8,2), :) = [];

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