Why do I get an error related to network connection when installing the VEX Microcontroller Support Package?

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I am trying to install the VEX Microcontroller Support Package in MATLAB R2014a. During the installation, I see the following error message pop-up.
I have checked to make sure that my internet connection works fine on my computer. I have also confirmed that the proxy settings are configured correctly.
Why do I get this message during installation?

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MathWorks Student Competitions Team
편집: MathWorks Student Competitions Team 2014년 9월 9일
This error message is due to a sporadically occurring issue. It can occur during installation of any support package in MATLAB R2014a.
Workaround: Keeping the firewall settings in the anti-virus (typically Kaspersky) turned off during the installation of the support package must resolve this problem.
If the problem persists, please contact us at bestrobotics@mathworks.com for further assistance.

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MathWorks Student Competitions Team
The error message noticed in this case is:
Cannot download [URL] : Error downloading URL. Your network connection may be down or your proxy settings improperly configured”
The resolution is the same as the suggested workaround above.

Romel 2015년 9월 27일
Your network connection may be down!! Check that.

chfakht chfakht
chfakht chfakht 2015년 10월 10일
same problem here with Matlab 2015a , matlab is allowed in firewall
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chfakht chfakht
chfakht chfakht 2015년 10월 10일
Well i have disabled the firewall + avast antivirus and it's working now ... but i don't know if it was that the issue
NA NA 2016년 4월 8일
same problem. Following thread below did not work for me. I know my connection works and proxy is configured properly in matlab because I can use the urlget function without issue.

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