Kalman Filter block that allows computing state transition matrix each time?

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I would like to filter accelerometer data with a Kalman filter. One of the state variables will be velocity, and the other acceleration. Velocity will be a function of acceleration and elapsed time since the last iteration.
I do not want elapsed time to be a state variable. I would like to compute the state transition matrix on each iteration, but the Kalman Filter block in Simulink (dspadpt3) only has input ports for the measurement and the measurement matrix.
Is there another block, or way to use this one that I am not aware of, which will do what I want?


John Petersen
John Petersen 2014년 10월 2일
Why don't you write your own Kalman filter in an Mfile and simulation time as an input. You can determine the elapsed time in the Mfile to use in your state transition matrix.

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