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"index exceeds matrix dimensions" when I connect my Raspberry Pi model B to Matlab2013b.

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Aditya G Manjunath
Aditya G Manjunath 24 Aug 2014
Could please someone help me with this error?
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Murat Belge
Murat Belge 10 Dec 2014
You can install MATLAB Support Package for Raspberry Pi without the Simulink Support package. Just uncheck Simulink support package in the installer GUI.
What network configuration did you choose when connecting your Raspberry Pi to the network (in the "Configure network" window)?
Work-around: If you created the SD card for the Raspberry Pi, just skip the "Connect the Raspberry Pi Hardware" GUI by clicking "Cancel" button. Then on the MATLAB command line execute:
>> raspi.internal.discoverIpAddress
ans =
Hostname: 'raspberrypi-RqgddnxxMD'
IpAddress: ''
The command above should display the IP address of your Raspberry Pi. Using this IP address, execute the following:
>> rpi = raspi('<IP address of your Raspberry Pi>')
Once you can establish the connection, you should be able to run Simulink or MATLAB examples for Raspberry Pi.
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Eric Bott
Eric Bott 29 Apr 2015
Further experimentation reveals that it is only when the pi is found on the network that this error appears. If the pi is disconnected from the network, then the Raspberry Pi detection process times out without event.

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