how to increase iteration limit in glmfit ?

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Dear All
I am using logistic regression on very small samples in cross-validation (N = 11 samples). I have results using glmfit but with a warning message that "iteration limit is reached". I would like to increase this limit. How to do do that when I ask "glmfit" ?
Thank you in advance

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Lucas García
Lucas García 2011년 9월 1일
Iteration limit is set to 100 in glmfit. You cannot change it unless you edit the function and change it manually (type edit glmfit, line 280 approx.). If decide to do so, I recommend saving it as glmfit2 (remember to also change the name of the function).
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Jason Jury
Jason Jury 2011년 11월 13일
I also have this issue (iteration limit, in my case due to large data set involving binary response). For Matlab2011b, there are multiple private functions being called by "glmfit" (e.g. "statremovenan", "stattestlink"). Any way to avoid having to duplicate all these private functions also, to get "glmfit2" to run? Thanks

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