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Somesh Singh
Somesh Singh 2011년 8월 30일
I am working in the Fuzzy Interface System. I have fuzzified the inputs and outputs and I have also framed fuzzy rules. I wish to know how defuzzification can be done in the Fuzzy logic Toolbox....


Wilson Andrés Múnera Cardona
Wilson Andrés Múnera Cardona 2020년 3월 25일
I have a table with a sample of inputs and I want to see the deffuzification value for all. ¿How can I do this?

Lucas García
Lucas García 2011년 8월 30일
편집: John Kelly 2015년 2월 27일
If you are using the Fuzzy Inference System editor, you can choose in the main GUI one of the defuzzication methods. The input for the defuzzification process is a fuzzy set. Actually, its the aggregate output fuzzy set which must be defuzzified in order to resolve a single value from the set.
The Fuzzy Logic Toolbox includes 5 defuzzification methods, from which the centroid calculation (which returns the center of area under the curve) is the most popular. The other methods are bisector, mom (mean value of maximum -the average of the maximum value of the output set-), som (smallest of maximum) and lom (largest of maximum).
I recommend you take a look at the following videos to see how the complete process is made:
This demo shows the differences between defuzzification methods.
If you want to do defuzzification without using the FIS interface, you can use the defuzz function.
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Somesh Singh
Somesh Singh 2011년 8월 31일
I tried it out but how do I view the output, ie, the defuzzified values....what I am able to see presently is a surface corresponding to the defuzzified clarify further

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