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How to simulate a simulink model in GPU ?

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至权 俞
至权 俞 2021년 10월 9일
편집: Tanmay Das 2021년 10월 12일
Hello. Is it possible to convert simulink model into CUDA code with GPU coder now?
And how to simulate a huge simulink model in GPU ?


Tanmay Das
Tanmay Das 2021년 10월 12일
편집: Tanmay Das 2021년 10월 12일
Code Generation from Simulink Models with GPU Coder should provide a proper understanding and detailed steps on how to generate optimised CUDA code from Simulink models using GPU Coder. Also, I suppose, you are using R2016b version of MATLAB. GPU Coder has been launched from R2017b onwards. However, there may be some bug fixes in the later versions which can be found in Release Notes. So it is recommended to update the MATLAB to a newer version.





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