Solving a pair of equation using matlab

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Amey Raj
Amey Raj 2021년 10월 5일
댓글: Bjorn Gustavsson 2021년 10월 5일
how to solve the following pair of equation using MATLAB
y(t) = k*exp(-t/2)*cos(theta + (3^(1/2)*t)/2)
y(t = 0) = 0
Dy(t = 0) = 1
Solve for "k" and "theta"
Dy(t) mean differenttiation of function y(t) w.r.t t
Also return y(t) with values of k and theta inserted


Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson 2021년 10월 5일
You have 2 unknown parameters k and theta. You have one condition for y at t=0 and one condition for dy/dt at t=0. Since you have an explicit expression for y(t) you can differentiate that to give you an explicit expression for dy/dt. That will result in 2 expressions for y and dy/dt. This should make it possible to determine the 2 parameters. Simply start by manually differentiating y(t) unsing the product rule.
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Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson 2021년 10월 5일
Then the question becomes more of "how to parse user input and interpret that" - once that is solved it should be comparatively easy to build a sum of derivatives of a polynomial or a differential equation. I suggest you open a new question on that.

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