How can I get polyspace-​report-gen​erator to include source line when using -generate-​results-li​st-file option?

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How can I get polyspace-report-generator to include source line when using -generate-results-list-file option?
If the generated report file included not only the src file but also the line where the error occurs, you would not have to open the Polyspace gui to check the Polyspace results.

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Christian Bard
Christian Bard 2021년 10월 4일
This functionality does not exist currently in Polyspace Bug Finder. The localization of a finding can only be seen in the Polyspace UI source code window or via Polyspace Access web interface.
Users who want to review findings will have to open the Bug Finder interface or login to Polyspace Access.
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Mikael Kellgren
Mikael Kellgren 2021년 10월 12일
It should be possible to use Polyspace As You Code for this:

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