extracting values from tables in a cell array

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MA 2021년 9월 20일
편집: Stephen 2021년 9월 20일
hello, having the following tables stored in a cell array, how can we access these tables one by one to extract for example the values of the very first five cells in the first row, use these values to create some knid of an index and store that index in the second column of the cell array?
Note: the code used to create this cell array is as follows:
t = readtable(FileName);
idxBkpt = find(diff([t.GDALT])<0);
split_indices = sort(1+idxBkpt); %beginnings of blocks
blk = diff([1 reshape(split_indices, 1, []) size(t,1)+1]);
splits = mat2cell(t, blk, size(t,2));
results{k,2} = splits;





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