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Signal types for dimension 8 vs [8 x 1] - what's the difference?

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I appologize for such a simple questions, but I am in the process of learning Simulink. I am using the 'Information Overlay' to see the signal dimensions of a Simulink model I am working on. I have two signals that hold the same 8 values. One of them comes from a vector concatenate block with 'Vector' mode turned on. The signal dimension info overlay says '8' for this signal. I have another block (UDP Receive) whose signal dimesion is [8x1]. Can someone clarify what the difference is?
If I used the demux block on the [8x1] signal and then use the vector concatenate block, I get a signal with dimension 8 as I need, but this seems more complicated that it should be.

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Harikrishnan Balachandran Nair
Harikrishnan Balachandran Nair 2021년 9월 20일
편집: Harikrishnan Balachandran Nair 2021년 9월 20일
From my understanding, you want to convert a signal of dimension [8 *1] to a 1D vector having 8 elements. The former is a multidimensional array ( Column Vector) while the latter is a 1D array. You can convert a column vector to a 1D array using the 'reshape' block in simulink , by setting the 'Output dimensionality' in the parameters section of the block as '1-D array' .
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Harikrishnan Balachandran Nair
Harikrishnan Balachandran Nair 2021년 9월 21일
You can refer to the following documentations to get a better idea on signals and signal dimensions in simulink.
Also , you can get started with simulink by taking up the simulink onramp course using the following link :
Hope this helps!

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