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Automatic ROI Extraction/Segmentation

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LadyPhantom 2021년 9월 17일
댓글: LadyPhantom 2021년 9월 17일
I would like to know if automatic extraction of ROI is possible for brain tumour in an MRI image.
If so, could you please provide the link for the MATLAB code or help me with it.
I want to automatically extract the tumour part(indicated by a red arrow in the image) from the MRI brain image and store the segmented image in a separate folder. Plus, there are many MRI images from which i want to extract the ROI(tumour), of course all the images are not the same and the tumours are situated in different co-ordinates in each image.
Your kind help will be appreciated!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2021년 9월 17일
Attached are my demos. But the tumor one (skull_stripping_demo.m) works with only single tumors that are bright, not with images that have bright dots everywhere are where the tumors are dim.
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LadyPhantom 2021년 9월 17일
Thank you, sir!

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