how to fill a matrix using the rows of another matrix

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MA 2021년 9월 12일
답변: Salman Ahmed 2021년 10월 14일
I have a matrix A of size 8540X18, there is a specific column in that matrix that its whenever the next row is less than the previous row, we need to extract all the rows before that row and store them in another matrix B and then store that matrix in a seperate data file. anybody can help with this?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021년 9월 13일
idxBkpt = find( diff[0;A.GDALT]) < 0 );
MA 2021년 9월 13일
Thank you for the help, I tried it now and it works perfectly fine. but now since I am dealig with a huge data set and the blocks we are trying to extract are having diffrenet sizes, how can I implement that using mat2cell?

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Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed 2021년 10월 14일
Hi manar,
From the comments, I understand that you wish to segregate your data into different cells whenever you hit peaks in your data. You could try the following operations on your data:
idx = find(diff([0;A.GDALT])<0); % Finding the breakpoints
B = mat2cell(A,[idx(1)-1;diff(idx);numel(A.GDALT)-idx(end)+1]); % Segregating the tables
Hope it solves your issue.


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