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How to select rectangle ROI in the image and adjust the position of ROI manually. Then it can return the adjusted ROI position

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chihyu 2021년 9월 11일
댓글: Matt J 2021년 9월 18일
I can generate roi using images.roi.Rectangle function, but it is easy to be time-consuming during the adjustment process.
Is there any way to write that allows me to manually adjust the roi size and position in the image, and return the pixel value of the roi adjusted position
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I = imread('rice.png'); % your input image
figure, imshow(I);
roi = images.roi.Rectangle(gca,'Position',[80,45,80,100]);

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Matt J
Matt J 2021년 9월 11일
편집: Matt J 2021년 9월 11일
You must double-click on the rectangle to confirm its position and return control to Matlab.
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Matt J
Matt J 2021년 9월 18일
You're welcome, but please Accept-click the answer to indicate that it resolved your question.

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