How can I extrapolate following data to a certain value in x direction.

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I have the following graph from my data and I want to extrapolate to 5000 in x direction with the given y data. How can I do it? I would like to fit the data exponentialy.
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Vahram Voskerchyan
Vahram Voskerchyan 2021년 9월 11일
I have done linear interpolation for this one using
xq = linspace(0,5000,50);
V = interp1 (x, y, xq, 'linear' , 'extrap' )
%x and y my data and xp the interpolation
I want to do the same but with the exponential how can I do it?

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darova 2021년 9월 11일
Make this changes to your code
Transmission = [Tranmission Tansmission(end)];
Length = [Length 5000];

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