Does exportgrahics work with simulink diagrams?

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jessupj 2021년 9월 8일
편집: Richard Quist 2021년 12월 17일
I've been using
to take images (albeit low-res crummy) of simulink diagrams. I also noticed that R2020a introduced (?) exportgraphics. But the parallel syntax fails:
Error using exportgraphics
First parameter must specify the axes or chart object
Is there a newer way to export simulink views to PNG (or other formats) using exportgraphics so that e.g output resolution can be supplied? It seems like there is no way to resolution options to saveas.
(The alternative seems like screenshotting or printing to PDF and then converting to PNG, but i feel like i'm missing some basic existing functionality.)

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Richard Quist
Richard Quist 2021년 12월 17일
편집: Richard Quist 2021년 12월 17일
exportgraphics only supports graphics charts/plots; it does not support Simulink models. From the documentation:
saves the contents of...any type of axes, a figure, a standalone visualization, a tiled chart layout, or a container within the figure
For higher quality output from Simulink models the recommendation is to use a vector format such as SVG or PDF:
saveas(get_param(gcs, 'handle'), 'output.pdf')


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