Saving the regression trained model

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Nethravathi S
Nethravathi S 2021년 9월 2일
댓글: Wan Ji 2021년 9월 2일
I am using regression app for forecasting.
After training I am exporting the trained model for actual prediction.
But, when I am closing matlab and reopening later, the model trained is gone.
How to save the regression model trained, so that I can use it any time later?

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Wan Ji
Wan Ji 2021년 9월 2일
You should save the trained model after click the 'export' the model to workspace. (you can see you saved model in workspace)
save trainedModel trainedModel
Then you can see a file named 'trainedModel.mat' in your current folder.
if you want to reuse your trained model, just use
Then all is ok
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Wan Ji
Wan Ji 2021년 9월 2일
My pleasure :)

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