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How to upload simulink model to arduino?

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ray 1 Aug 2014
댓글: ray 6 Aug 2014
Is there anyway to upload the simulink blocks to the arduino? Sending signal from simulink to arduino, calculated in arduino (using the uploaded simulink blocks), and send the result back to the simulink
Thank you so much

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Sreeram 6 Aug 2014
Hi Ray,
Have you tried the external mode feature ? I hope this would be useful in this case !
Sreeram Mohan

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ray 6 Aug 2014
Hi Sheeram thank you for your answer!
yeah i tried but i can't. Is it because i'm using Arduino UNO?
anyway i want to run my model in the arduino so i tried run on target hardware. It seems to be working (the result nearly like the result from running in simulink). Now i want to run my selected subsystem on arduino (3 PID controller inside) but the result is really different from running in simulink. Do you have any idea where did i go wrong?
Thank you very much

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