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Which Block for Frequency as input signal for a prismatic joint?

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Nabila Djobo
Nabila Djobo 2021년 8월 27일
답변: Rishabh Singh 2021년 9월 8일
Hi there,
i am simulating an imported CAD car model in simscape multibody and would like to analyze its tyre-road contact.
For that i am looking for a block which enables me to enter a frequency value as an input for a prisamtic joint. The frequency is suposed to move e.g 1400Hz/s as a ramp. Tried to use the Ramp Block, but i couldnt the unit (Hz/s) couldnt be recognized.
Any other suggestion would be very helpful.
Thanks in advance.


J Chen
J Chen 2021년 9월 3일
You can apply force or impose motion for a Prismatic Joint. Use SImulink blocks to generate the signal you want and feed the signal to a Prismatic Joint through a Simulink-PS Converter.

Rishabh Singh
Rishabh Singh 2021년 9월 8일
Hey Nabila,
As per my understanding you wish to provide a ramped frequency input to a “Prismatic Joint”, or any block of your requirement.
You can use “Signal Generator” or “Pulse Generator” in Simulink to produce frequency as per your requirement, and use “Product” block along with “Ramp” block to produce a ramped frequency signal for your block. Additionally use “Simulink-PS Converter” to convert Simulink signal into a physical signal.
Hope this helps.

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