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Protect a Simulink model but keep the possibility to modify it

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Mathieu Gauquelin
Mathieu Gauquelin 2021년 8월 27일
댓글: Mathieu Gauquelin 2021년 8월 30일
I am new on Simulink and want to protect a model in order to add a password for Read/Write action. In this way, I can send to my client the model but without the password it won't be able to modify it.
The way to protect a model like this include a kind of compilation which permits only the read action. Maybe I am wrong?
Thank you in advance if you can advice me.
Best regards.

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Jonas 2021년 8월 27일
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Mathieu Gauquelin
Mathieu Gauquelin 2021년 8월 30일
The load function, even if doesn't requrie the coder.extrinsic code line, is not supported also ... I tried with readtable but same thing. Do you know what matlab function can be used to read a table/csv/mat file and is compatible with the simulink coder ? Best regards.

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