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Katharina Paul
Katharina Paul 2021년 8월 25일
답변: Salman Ahmed 2021년 9월 2일
Dear all,
last night I had some problems with some of my functions, added them to the path, removed others and now Matlab is not working properly anymore.
I was trying to reset all the paths to default by the GUI and by
restoredefaultpath; matlabpath(strrep(matlabpath, userpath, ''))
But I receive the following error messages
Error using fullfile (line 103)
All inputs must be strings, character vectors, or cell arrays of character vectors.
Error in rmimap.StorageMapper/storageMapFile
Error in rmimap.StorageMapper
Error in rmimap.StorageMapper.getInstance
Error in rmiml.hasReqDataFile
Error in rmiml.visibleInToolstrip
I already tried to reinstall everything, but it did not change. I still get a bunch of error messages after starting Matlab (see attachment).
Thank you so much already,


Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed 2021년 9월 2일
Hi Katharina,
Perform the following steps to troubleshoot your issue:
edit pathdef.m;
restoredefaultpath; % restore the MATLAB search path to the factory installed state
rehash toolboxcache; % update the cache and the list of known files for all folders on the search path
savepath; % save the updated path in the pathdef.m file
Additionally, you can refer to steps listed here.

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