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Data type work vector name must less than 31 characters long

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Zoe Yuan
Zoe Yuan 2021년 8월 23일
댓글: Zoe Yuan 2021년 8월 24일
I used a parameter(not a vector) named as 'CBM_Indicated_Combustion_Torque ' , when I build model, it shows
How to fix it?
It required to set multitask data store to error in Data Validity block.

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Jonas 2021년 8월 23일
Try to increase the setting 'Maximum identifier length' from 31 to 63. It can be found in the Configuration Parameters under 'Code Generation' and then 'Identifiers'.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang 2021년 8월 23일
Assume you are using base workspace as data source, could run this in Command Window and inspect the "data type" property value?
open CBM_Indicated_Combustion_Torque

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