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Matlab display wrong received data

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ismael saad
ismael saad 9 Jul 2014
편집: ismael saad 10 Jul 2014
I work with a PIC microchip connected to the serial COM port of my computer to send and receive data to and from the microchip PIC.
When I work with the command windows of Matlab these commands are not working well specially "out = fscanf(s)" when i was sent from micro-controller for example "hello" i received "¥™û" on matlab, also when i sent from Matlab "fprintf(s,'Ff')" i got "9u" on micro-controller : s= serial('COM3','BaudRate',9600,'DataBits',8,'terminator',17); fopen(s); fprintf(s,'F') out = fscanf(s) fclose(s); delete(s); clear s; Is there anybody out there who met such a problem ... and solve it ?


Michael scheinfeild
Michael scheinfeild 9 Jul 2014
i havent done so but maybe its big little endian issue ? , i hope it helps

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