Is it possible to have control on C parameter of SVM in Matlab ?

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I have seen the following question and answer:
but it seems to be too complicated! are there any other ways perhaps in newer versions of bioinoformatic toolbox to have control on C parameter of SVM? or somehow have control on how SVM parameters are being optimized?


n 2011년 2월 17일
Here is an example of using 'QuadProg_Opts' option in svmtrain:
myoption = optimset('PrecondBandWidth',2);
% this is the ub parameter of quadprog I guess
svmStruct =svmtrain(train_data,train_label,'Kernel_Function','rbf','RBF_Sigma', 0.5,'QuadProg_Opts', myoptions);
But the C value seem to be relative to box constrain as used in the example of svmtrain:
svmStruct = svmtrain(data(train,:),groups(train),...


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