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Can I find out in which release a function was introduced?

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John Doe
John Doe 20 Jun 2014
답변: Michal 5 Jun 2019
Sometimes I get error messages saying stuff like:
Undefined function 'savefig' for input arguments of type 'char'
Undefined function or variable 'parfeval'
How can I know in which release a function became available? I know this page contains release notes, but it's quite cumbersome to find when a specific function was released. (I know I need the Parallel Computing Toolbox for parfeval)
Note that this question is not about those two specific functions, but any and all functions that have been introduced later than say R2007a.

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Reza Ahmadzadeh
Reza Ahmadzadeh 13 Dec 2015
I wrote a function that can give you the version a function was released. You can find it here. Try it.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 13 Dec 2015
We do, at least partially, as of release R2015a. See the second item in the Desktop section of the Release Notes for MATLAB R2015a.
suman mandal
suman mandal 25 May 2018
In which toolbox "focalmech" function is available?
Steven Lord
Steven Lord 25 May 2018
Searching the online documentation found only two hits. One is this Answers post and the other is a submission on the MATLAB Central File Exchange. So it doesn't appear to be part of any MathWorks product.

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Michal 5 Jun 2019
In search of an answer to this question I landed here. But after some time I found a solution without any additional toolboxes.
The version in which the function was introduced is listed at the bottom of every function documentation. Right above the rating stars, between two bars.
I know this is an old thread but maybe someone else finds this information useful.

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