How can i detect Voiced,Unvoiced and Silence speech signal using Matlab??

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seso 2014년 5월 19일
답변: Gabriele Bunkheila 2021년 12월 13일
Voiced/unvoiced/silence detector: take speech signal and label each short segment as voiced, unvoiced or silence.

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Gabriele Bunkheila
Gabriele Bunkheila 2021년 12월 13일
Hi, I have just come across your question. I appreciate this may no longer be timely but I am adding a couple pointers in case they can help others.
For isolating or segmenting speech in low-noise recordings, the function detectSpeech should work just fine. This will return start and stop times of all signal regions where speech is detected, but no text "transcription" of the actual speech content.
Based on that info you then can label each section of your recording as voiced or unvoiced.


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