Why am I getting an error message "unsupported data encoding" with the dicomread command yet dicominfo reads the same file with no problem?

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I am currently working with a stack of Dicom (.dcm) images which I converted from a .mnc file through the MIPAV software program. The Dicom info can be accessed successfully through the dicominfo command, but when I attempt to load the image data through dicomread I get the following error:
Error using dicomread>newDicomread (line 211) Unsupported data encoding.
Error in dicomread (line 80) [X, map, alpha, overlays] = newDicomread(msgname, frames);
To get around this, I'm currently converting the .dcm files to .bmp files so that I can load them in Matlab. It seems like I should be able to load the Dicom images since I can access the metadata. Any help or advice would be appreciated, thanks!


Daniel Bridges
Daniel Bridges 2016년 6월 23일
Perhaps you need to convert the data from signed to unsigned integers via commands like uint16 or double?


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