How to prevent Matlab from GPU switching on Macbook Pro?

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superprisi 2014년 5월 8일
답변: Oliver Woodford 2015년 12월 20일
My macbook has two GPUs, an integrated and a discrete. Matlab 2014a always uses the discrete only, which is not necessary. (2013a didn't do this.)
How could I prevent this? I tried setting the NSSupportsAutomaticGraphicsSwitching flag in Info.plist, but this didn't help.
Thanks for any ideas, Simon
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Oliver Woodford
Oliver Woodford 2015년 12월 20일
I'd also like a solution to this. When travelling, MATLAB drains the battery because it switches on the GPU. It would be nice if it could use the integrated graphics. That way my battery would last about 3 times longer.

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Oliver Woodford
Oliver Woodford 2015년 12월 20일
If you don't need the desktop, then you can run the command window only version of MATLAB by calling the following in a terminal:
matlab -nojvm
This will allow you to run MATLAB without engaging the discrete GPU, but means you don't get the niceties of the desktop or any graphics.


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