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Imprecision due to resistance in parallel with a current source

David Dapuero 님이 질문을 제출함. 23 Apr 2014
최근 활동 David Dapuero 님이 편집함. 23 Apr 2014
Hi everyone.
I am trying to simulate the distribution of a very concrete current wave into a circuit with different paths. All these paths have influence ones in the others due to quite a lot of magnetic mutual couplings
I am comparing several softwares: Pscad, Microcap, LTSpice, and Matlab. And I am getting the biggest desviation and complication when ussing simulink.
When connecting a current source to an inductance in simulink, I am obliged to include a large parallel resistance, and it always takes a certain amount of current, wich affects the results. The other softwares are able to jump over this restriction, so all the current goes into the circuit without small looses through the resistance.
I am thinking about increasing the amplitude of the input current to compensate the current flow through the resistance... but I prefer to look for more accurate solution...
Some opinion, recomendation, orientation...?
Thanks in advance, David

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